Social Life at ELTA

Social Life at ELTA

The friendships you make during your study-abroad experience are special.  It is a precious time when everyone is focused on the same goal. In your new environment you make friends with people you would never otherwise have known, people from the other side of the world.

At ELTA we hope to make sure your experience here is as special as the friendships you make.  The time you spend outside school is valuable in putting you in touch with new cultures and experiences.  Dublin has a lot to offer in social life.  Irish people are naturally curious about people from other countries and are very friendly.

People meet in pubs; this is not only to drink but to tell life stories and exchange ideas and laughter.  There are beautiful areas surrounding Dublin; parks, seaside and hillsides.  Tours are arranged on a regular basis to visit these places with fellow students and teachers.  You will learn the history and just enjoy the scenery.

Every Thursday after class the students and teachers meet at a nearby pub. Food is served and everyone relaxes and discusses the events of the week.  This is a good opportunity for students to practice their English with each other and with their teachers and learn of activities that other students are involved in.

Every three months there is a party to celebrate the achievement of our TESOL graduates, and everyone at ELTA attends. The evening starts with the graduation ceremony at the historic Teachers’ Club, followed by drinks. Then celebrations continue in one of the best night clubs in Dublin.

During the summer months there are weekly visits to places of interest outside the city, and throughout the year there are events such as hill walking, bowling or museum visits.

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