Why choose ELTA to study and lean English in Dublin, Ireland? Many courses from PET, FCE, IELTS and Cambridge Advance

ELTA is the natural choice for those students who long to speak English like a native.

At ELTA we focus on spoken English. Of course we also teach academic English: we prepare learners for the IELTS and Cambridge exams, and with excellent results.  Nevertheless, half of the student day is spent hearing, listening, speaking and repeating English as it is spoken; pronouncing words and sentences in a natural and understandable way. We use the Callan Method, which is fast-paced and highly systematic. It is a spoken method, but it is also academically rigorous. In the forty years that I have been teaching English I have seen many approaches, but nothing compares to this. Nothing else produces verbal fluency so successfully and so rapidly.

Robin Callan invented this method.  He understood how to encourage and assist students to become fluent and natural in their speaking of English.  Even those students who are reluctant to speak because they are afraid of making mistakes, find themselves speaking English easily under the encouragement and guidance of our long-term teachers.

Students at ELTA follow different courses of study: some are short stay students, on an intensive course, others are TESOL students and who will qualify as English language teachers and other students are here for an Academic Year and want to combine English language learning with an enriching living abroad experience. At ELTA they meet people from all over the world and create lifelong friendships.

A school is about learning but it is more than that, it is a community where the students and teachers are focused on the same goal.  This creates friendships that often last long past the end of the course.  Our students enjoy their time here and stay in touch with us long after they leave.  We as teachers, are committed to a learning outcome for our students, but also to making the whole experience a happy and memorable one.

Monique Walsh


  • Leading School of Spoken English in Ireland
  • Recognised by the Department of Education
  • Accredited by the Callan Method Organisation
  • Access to Callan Interactive e-Learning Platform
  • TESOL Course for non-native speakers of English
  • Protection for learners policy
  • Academically excellent
  • Dedicated teachers and helpful staff
  • Students from over 20 different countries
  • Amazing atmosphere and great social programme
  • City centre location
  • Flexible Timetables
  • Non-EU students have the right to work in Ireland
  • ELTA is a school for adults
  • Dublin is an easy going cosmopolitan city

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