FCE (the First) Cambridge Exam Preparation

Cambridge FCE (First Certificate English) Preparation

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Cambridge Exams are the most accepted English language qualifications in the world. Cambridge Certificates provide opportunities throughout the globe for professional and educational development.

The FCE Exam

The Cambridge FCE exam is an upper-intermediate (CEFR – B2) level qualification, which prepares students for the use of English in work and study. The exam is divided into four parts: Reading and Use of English, Writing, Listening and Speaking.

ELTA FCE Exam Preparation

ELTA FCE preparation is a full time course of study. ELTA teachers with many years of experience and knowledge of the Cambridge exams will guide students through the language necessary to pass the FCE exam successfully.

In class teachers will help students to increase their knowledge of English grammar by presenting the use and form of grammatical structures. Students will develop their abilities to use this language by regular written and spoken practice in class, guided and corrected by tutors.

New vocabulary is regularly presented and revised so that students will greatly increase their English vocabulary in preparation for the FCE exam. Students will widen their knowledge of vocabulary to an upper intermediate level by studying and revising vocabulary learnt in FCE listening, reading and grammar practice.

Students improve the skills of listening and reading in class by regular practice and explanation of FCE exam format questions. The skills needed to pass the FCE Listening and Reading exams will be improved by regular practice of the different question types and focus on useful exam strategies.

Writing skills are developed in class by use of model answers and regular practice. Explanation of text structures, guidance and correction from teachers will help students reach a B2 writing level.

Speaking skills are practiced in class to improve student’s fluency and accuracy. Speaking exam questions are practiced so that students can use a wide range of vocabulary and correct grammar in speaking English in every day, professional and educational situations.

For more information about FCE, please go here: http://www.cambridgeesol.org/exams/general-english/fce.html

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