English for Special Purposes

English for Special Purposes


At ELTA we pride ourselves on offering a wide range of English courses to suit any prospective student. We provide many classes and workshops specifically suited to students who are attempting to navigate professional careers through the medium of English. We also offer bespoke courses and private one on one tuition to suit any individual requirement. Please find below an overview of our current courses:

Our CV workshops will help English students prepare for the world of work through English.  Our classes support students through the often stressful task of finding employment as a non-native English speaker in a foreign country.  Modules include:

  • CV preparation
  • job application & correspondence
  • interview skills
  • presentation skills

Our Business English course is a practical business program designed to equip students with a firm knowledge of business language and conversation. Topics covered include:

  • business terminology
  • telephone skills & conversations
  • email correspondence
  • report writing
  • negotiating and selling
  • business presentation preparation

Aviation English is a course which prepares aviation professionals (e.g. pilots / air traffic controllers) to converse in English using standard aviation terminology. Our courses will offer the following areas of learning:

  • preparation for the Test of English Aviation
  • learning of work related aviation language & terminology
  • simulation / role playing as preparation for non-routine air-ground communication
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