End of course exams

End of course exams

All Stamp 2 enrolled learners are automatically entered for and required to sit the Test of Interactive English (TIE) exam.  At ELTA we focus particularly on spoken English, and TIE is well suited to assessing the learner’s speaking skills. While TIE also assesses writing skills, 30 minutes are spent on the speaking component of the test, giving the candidates the opportunity to have their oral proficiency thoroughly assessed.

Learners who wish to sit the International English Language Testing System (IELTS), and whose proficiency level is B2 or higher, will be put into a dedicated IELTS class. Note that learners who sit the IELTS are also required to sit the TIE. While the fee for TIE is included in the learner’s Academic Year tuition fee, the IELTS fee is not included.

The TIE exam is held inhouse at ELTA, and TIE results and certificates are sent to ELTA.

IELTS is held at different centres such as International House, CES or others, and IELTS results and certificates are sent directly to the exam candidate.

Test of Interactive English (TIE)

The TIE Exam (TIE) has been designed for all students over the age of 18 of all abilities and motivations following either long or short courses in language schools or other educational institutions. TIE is a learner-centred exam which is flexible, i.e., designed to recognise and accommodate the needs and interests of each learner whatever their level of English, age, cultural or educational background. The test is task-based with the content chosen by each individual learner and can therefore be used to assess learners with different needs and motivations.

Frequently Asked Questions about TIE

Why should I do this test?

  • TIE is certified by IELT and recognised as a valid Exit Exam for English Language courses listed on the ILEP by The Irish Department of Justice and Equality
  • TIE can be taken by learners at any level.
  • Statements of results are sent to schools or Individual candidates within 14 working days.
  • Certificates are usually sent out within one month.
  • TIE assesses your levels of written and spoken English and separate grades are awarded for each part of the test.
  • Rigorous quality assurance checks are in place to ensure validity and reliability.
  • Assessment follows the Common European Framework and the TIE certificate is suitable for inclusion in a European Language or Europass Portfolio.

How do I prepare?

You need to do three tasks and record them in a logbook:

  • Carry out a short project on a subject of interest to you
  • Read a book of your choice in English at your level
  • Follow a News Story in the newspapers and/or on TV or radio.


What does the test consist of?

The test is in two parts – a speaking test (OTIE) and a written test (WTIE).
In the oral test you present your project, talk about either your book or news story and talk to your partner to reach a decision based on some material the examiner will give you.

In the writing test you are required to produce two pieces of writing. You write about either your book or news story for the first task and for the second you write something which you have not prepared.

How long does the test take?

The writing test takes 1 hour and the speaking test takes 30 minutes.

How is the test assessed?

The test is assessed according to the Council of Europe’s Common European framework of Language Proficiency.

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