Where Can I Stay?

Coming to Dublin, Ireland you can stay in a host family, student budget accommodation, a hostel accommodation, a hotel , an apartment accommodation or even a flat share


When you are planning your trip to Dublin, there are a number of different accommodation options for you to consider:

  • host family accommodation
  • student budget accommodation
  • hostel accommodation
  • hotel accommodation
  • apartment accommodation
  • flat share
  • students coming for a short time can also look into services like Couchsurfing or Airbnb 

Host Families

ELTA has a large database of very welcoming host families. Typically host family accommodation includes breakfast, a sandwich to bring to school for lunchtime and dinner with the family in the evening. Laundry is also included: either your laundry will be done for you or else you will have access to the washing machine so you can do it yourself.

Visitors to Ireland should be aware that it is very unusual for families to live in the city centre. Typically families live a 30-minute bus or train ride outside the centre. This will of course add time and cost to your stay, but if you get along well with the family, it is more than worth the extra time and expense.

Some long-stay students choose to live with a host family for the first weeks they are here. This helps them become acclimatized to Irish life and to find their feet. Later they look for their own apartment or other people to share with. Other students chose to stay with their host families for the entire period of their stay which may be for one or two years.

The cost of staying with a host family can vary, but typically it is €185.00 per week for a private room, or €165.00 per week if you are sharing a room.

Please note that there is a non-refundable arrangement fee of €50.00 and you will also be required to pay for one week’s accommodation. This is so the family will reserve the room for you. This fee is also non-refundable. ELTA introduces the student to the host family, and pays the first week’s accommodation on the student’s behalf, but after that everything else is arranged between the student and the family.

Student Budget Accommodation

Short stay accommodation in student houses is available for those who are on a tight budget. The service is very basic and costs €100.00 per week. The houses are clean and close to the city centre.

Hostel Accommodation

This can be a very good short term option. The quality of hospitality offered can vary a lot from hostel to hostel. Some are very comfortable indeed while others are very basic. Of course, you get what you pay for. There are a great many hostels in Dublin, almost all of them very well located. You can check out Dublin Hostels at www.budgetplaces.com/dublin/budget-hostels-list

Hotel Accommodation

If you intend to stay at a hotel there are a number of websites offering bargains that you could look at. Check out Tivago or Bookings.com

Apartment Accommodation

Unless you have someone in Dublin who will find an apartment for you before you get here, short term accommodation is advisable at first. This will give you time to look for an apartment that would suit your needs.  The most popular websites for finding accommodation are Myhome.ie or Daft.ie. Never pay for accommodation on these websites that you have not seen, or that someone has not seen on your behalf.


After they have had a chance to settle down, most students find others to share a flat with. There are a number of Facebook communities set up for this purpose: Dublin Flat Share International, Places to Rent in Dublin, The Ideal Flatemate.

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